Hello, we are Deborah Abramson and Leo F. Lee. We have been partners for over forty years. In 2005 we traveled to Ireland for our 30th wedding anniversary. We loved it!

Shortly thereafter my wife asked if I would like to live in Ireland for a bit. The answer was a YES! As many of you may know that is not as easy as it sounds.

In order to live in Ireland without direct recent ancestors it was almost impossible. First, applicants for long term entry must agree to work while they are there along with other stipulations. Even though I have successfully started and operated many businesses in various fields, I did not meet the requirements. Fortunately, Debby is an Registered Occupational Therapist with a Masters Degree. They agreed to let her in and bring me along. Hooray!!!

I asked my wife what was I supposed to do since she would have to work while we were there. She said "You have always worked hard, and you will have your business in the States handled for you while we are away. So, I guess you could just drive us around so we both do not have to get a driver's license and then spend your time playing music!" That sounded like heaven in heaven to me.

We lived in a 200 year old single family residence, named Apple Cottage, on two acres in the middle of Ireland in Emo, County Laois. We traveled whenever possible. That meant if Debby wasn't working we were exploring and making new friends. We traveled a lot.

We had too many adventures to tell them all here. That said, even though we love our home on a hilltop in Novelty, Ohio my heart will always be in Ireland. Oops, back to SláinteHome.

We made friends in Scotland while we were there. Since the original trip we have made many trips back to Ireland, Scotland, and England. On one trip to Scotland Debby found items of interest in an antique shop that inspired her to express an interest in creating a line of wood products for sale when we returned to the states.

We both have always been creative with backgrounds in music and art. We both like to work with our hands. We had lots of contacts and numerous resourceful Amish friends. That was the beginning of SláinteHome.

Since returning to the States, SláinteHome has become a passion and pleasure driven reality. We have already passed on hundreds of our creations to friends, relatives, clients, and customers. Each year the business has grown and expanded the variety of items we offer. We continue to travel and search for other items that will help any home feel even more like home. What we can't find we create.

If you are looking for something special for someone special or a special occasion you may find it at SláinteHome. We are still on the adventure. Hope you will join us! Debby and Leo

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