Create Your Own

You can be a part of it. Even though we have inventory available online and at local "Pop-Up" markets many of our customers are requesting items that Custom Made. 

At shows there usually isn't enough time to properly discuss the subject. This "Create Your Own" page is in response to guests requests in design, styles, size, species of wood, finish, etc.

We admit that having something special makes us smile. It is even more fun to be a part of its creation. a "real" rewarding experience.

All our items are handcrafted and therefore unique. But, something handcrafting especially for you can is even better. They have an additional magic. The magic of a moment, a personal experience, of appreciation, an even better memory to share.

Welcome to the Family
The steps in creating a family heirloom.

This project is a 7' x 40" Live Edge Trestle Mortise/Tenon/Peg Dining Room Table.

It all starts from a fan's request. The fan is usually someone that has seen our work in home of a friend or relative, or at one of the "Pop-Up" markets like The Cleveland Flea.

Next we create a rough drawing of the piece requested. After, a few follow-up questions regarding the fan's specific needs, colors, and type of wood a final drawing is created and then approved by the fan.

##########Then the search begins. It has to be the right wood. It needs to have the right look and feel discussed with the fan. First we look through the wood in our inventory. Then we consider wood we have that will be out of the kiln soon enough to be a option. If the right wood is not there we start to travel. We go to various sources of wood. Most of them are not available to the general public. Many locations are the sawmills of our Amish friends. Over the past dozen plus years stacks of wood have been stored for us in barns and workshop attics. Some of the wood stored away for us was once destined to be burned in the wood pile at the end of the sawmill. The pieces headed for the flames just had "too much character" to qualify and "Grade Lumber". The wood that 

Sometimes, during our search, a species of wood not discussed with wonderful characteristics appears the fan is offered the option of selecting it over their original choice. If not, the search continues until the right wood has been found.

The time frame from the fans initial request until the piece is completed is generally about 6-8 weeks.

1) The Drawing(s) - DONE - See Working Drawing

2) The Wood - DONE - See initial pictures of the wood and where we found it.

3) At the Wood Crafting Shop 

4) In Finish Shop

5) At Delivery

If you would like to have something special such as a, dinning table, coffee table, end table, mirror, coat rack, cutting board, serving board or baker's board created for you Click here to find out how.