Aren't we all Irish? Okay then, if not by birth or location then for sure in spirit. For it is a spirit of good will and good cheer. The Celtic word for this is Sláinte "Cheers" and by any other name, Sláinte is a toast to your good health and good fortune.

We use the word Sláinte as a guide; a way of keeping us focused. It leads us to create and pursue things that make any home a little more cheerful.

We are not a life style manufacturer. In fact we are the opposite. All the items we offer are handcrafted one of a kind pieces. Each item we offer should create a feeling of good cheer when used or admired.  We believe the good vibes we build in to each and every piece will improve the quality of your life, even if it only makes you smile. Due to our philosophies and actions some people believe that our products have been touched with a wee bit of Celtic magic. What can we say? You can decide that for yourselves.

Even without proof of magic, our customers know value and quality when they see it. So if you are looking for something handmade or handcrafted for that special someone or occasion, you may find it here. If not, we have included links to similar minded people and information. In some circles, it is will known that when you look for magic you will find it. Hoping to see a little more magic in your home soon. Sláinte!

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