It all takes a lot of insight, planning, talent, and time to create, market, and distribute all the products we offer at SláinteHome. Most people only see what we do at Pop Up markets or through our Online Store.  Before that happens we have to find the right materials, develop the right designs, create the products, make them available to you at special events and online, and continually keep improving the processes.

To do all that takes many skill hands. They are not employees. They are independent Woodsmen, Sawyers, Wood Crafters, Steel Fabricators, Blacksmiths, Masons, Potters, Finishers, Seamstresses, Painters, Printers, Graphic and Design Artists, just to name a few. Some of the folks work in accounting, inventory control, and distribution. Many of the folks that work with us are Amish along with several folks that are not. Our Amish friends do not want their names or pictures to show up online or any other marketing media. So you will not see a picture of everyone on our team. But, there are lots of great people working with us behind the scenes. Each one doing their part in creating something special for you or someone you know.

Pictured here is just one of the members of our team. He is Cody, the 106 lb. canine member of our team. He is personally involved with all aspects of our product creation. His main areas of responsibility are security and entertainment.

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