Welcome to SláinteHome

Join us on our quest. Step inside the natural world of wood and other handcrafted treasures. We create handcrafted products from American Hardwoods. Much of the wood we use, often called "cut-offs", at one time went straight into the burn pile at the sawmills. It was burned because it could not be sold at "grade". It had too many knots, too much character, and the grain wasn't so straight. Simply said, it was just not plain enough for mass market home furnishings. Today, out of the ashes, it rises in a new form and to a new life. And here once again it shows the beauty of the tree that was. Sharing its natural beauty, with "all its flaws", but in a new way. Living on in a new form. Seen in a new light. Attracting you with its infinite beauty and feel as ageless as time. Each piece is as truly unique as the people that find them and bring them home. They become a part of cherished memories with their family and friends. Often they become inherited "pass me downs". This is the world of SláinteHome.

Our inventory changes often. And yes, just in case you are wondering, we do create custom furnishings too. The custom furniture most often requested lately has been for live edge Dining Room tables. Each piece was designed for the homeowner and the wood was selected with the homeowner. 

SláinteHome is family owned and operated. All the best to you and yours in every season.