Welcome to SláinteHome

We handcraft home furnishings and accessories from Northeast American Hardwoods. Much of the wood we use is referred to as "cut-offs". Historically cut offs went straight into the burn pile at the sawmills. They were burned because they could not be sold at "grade". They had too many knots and too much character. Simply said, this wood was just not standard enough for mass market home furnishings. Our works show the wood's natural beauty, with "all its flaws". Our inventory changes often. Each piece is truly unique and when it is gone it is gone. That said, we can craft something special just for you.

In some pieces we combine the beauty of stone, steel, and glass to create functional art and furnishings. Each piece is as truly unique as the very people that take them home.  Their piece becomes a part of their cherished memories with family and friends. Often they become coveted "pass me downs".

We do build custom furniture and accessories on request.

In fact most of what we handcraft is custom made. Each piece is designed especially for its new home.

We wish you and yours a home full of great cheer in every season.

SláinteHome is family owned and operated. You can find us online, at handmade goods shows, or in our barn in Novelty, Ohio. We do not sell our goods in retail stores.